Gregory Baranski

Hitchhiking to Asia :

Journey preparations

Autumn 2023

The whole idea actually started from reading Autostopem przez życie(Hitchhiking through life) by Przemek Skokowski. He inspired me to the point that I thought - why not go in 2024?

The first plan was to drive through Belarus to Russia, then Kazakhstan, China, and winding somewhere around Southeast Asia, maybe even returning through India and the Middle East to Poland.

I also started learning Russian at that time.

By myself, or with someone else?

This question actually arose with me at the very beginning, in fact, at every event where there was an opportunity to meet new people - I hoped to meet someone who would be willing to go with me.

Well, unfortunately, I miscalculated, or I have too high requirements for a trip partner, but after my last hitchhiking trip ended in daily quarrels - I prefer to choose over expressively than to choose someone unsuitable.

The key to this was to write to Przemek Skokowski, who wrote me back like this:

E-mail from Przemek Skokowski


From my last trip I returned 10 years ago, so the perspective has changed somewhat :)

As far back as I can remember, no - I didn’t feel the need for a partner.

In fact, being alone allows you to have more adventures and better experience the trip.

Therefore, answering - no, I would not change anything and would not do the trip with someone.

So I’m going solo :)

Winter 2024

Technical details - visa, vaccines, camera or phone? hammock or tent? take thermals clothes or not?


  • Valid passport(mine’s till 2028)
  • International Driving License
  • Insurance (ISIC)
  • Vaccination Card
  • Passport/visa photo
  • Printed out picture of family. Just in case, that could maybe save my life.
  • Postcards from Poland, to give someone, or to write a letter.


Hepatitis A-Dose before the trip, next one after 6-12 months.
Rabies--I don’t think I need, pepper spray will do it as well.
Diphtheria-14/05/2018 and 29/02/2024Public healthcare
Tetanus-14/05/2018 and 29/02/2024Public healthcare
Pertussis-14/05/2018Public healthcare
Hepatitis B-19/09/2004 and 02/11/2004 i 15/04/2005Public healthcare
Measles-13/10/2005 and 16/01/2017Public healthcare
Mumps-13/10/2005 and 16/01/2017Public healthcare
Rubella13/10/2005 and 16/01/2017Public healthcare


BelarusNo visa - 90 days0-
RussiaVisa/E-Visa2344 złup to 6 months
MongoliaNo visa - 30 days0-
ThailandNo visa - 30 days0-
MalaysiaNo visa - 90 days1Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC)
IndonesiaVisa on Arrival1500 000 IDR

Data from March 2024