Grzegorz Baranski
17yo software developer and a high school student

E-Cigarette liquid production & retail


Although I had never smoked cigarettes before, I got interested in e-cigarettes. I was intrigued by the concept of DIY electronics and the competition of chasing the biggest cloud. E-cigarettes are straightforward devices. In the simplest mechanical form, they consist of a high-ampere battery, button, heating coil, and cotton inside it; everything connected and packed into a housing. Pressing a button closes a circuit, which heats the coil and so the cotton inside it; the cotton is soaked in e-liquid that vaporizes at high temperature.

I started to create my own heating coils and mix my e-liquids. It was much cheaper, give a lot of space for experiments. With the time more people got interested in buying my home-made e-liquids, I've sold them a bit cheaper than in on-premise shops.

At the time it was pretty easy to buy ingredients, but almost all shops were limited to 18mg/ml. So I decided to exploit this, and buy 36mg/ml nicotine base, pretty much no one had that high strength, that's because it was very hard to get, that's what made me a lot of buyers.

E-liquids were really cheap to make on your own, for instance, 18mg/ml(the strength that was most popular) I sold for about 2$, ingredients cost me about 20 cents, so that's 1.80$ profit, so if I sell 10 liquids it's 18$ profit.

I even had a promotion, "A person who encourages at least 3 people to buy will receive 10ml for free!", some said it was stupid, but it really worked.