Grzegorz Baranski
18yo software developer and a high school student

iPhone service & trading


Back when I was 12 in June 2017, I bought my first iPhone(5s), with a broken screen. My plan was to replace it with cheap aliexpress screens, and make some money. Unfortunately I accidently broke fingerprint reader while dissasembling the phone, and because of that, I've sold it cheaper than I bought it, I lost some money, but I gained skills, and I knew that it won't happen for the next time, so I didn't gave up.

The next phone I bought was iPhone 6. I managed to replace the screen without breaking anything, and sold it with money profit.

Money I've earned on that was between 25$ to 100$ on every sold iPhone, it wasn't much, but at least I had money for my stuff, and I could use those iPhones which were waiting for repair, so I didn't have to ask parents for money, which was a big advantage for me. Usually it was 1 iPhone per month is because of shipping from China took around 2-3 weeks at that time, and buying broken iPhone wasn't easy, a lot of people wanted to fix their phone instead of selling it, and that's why I started fixing phones for people instead of buying phones from them.

I've found first client through my friends recommendation in December 2019, I took 50$, but the screen cost me 20$, so I made 30$ profit. Prices for repairing iPhone 7 in local repair shops ranged between 80 and 100 bucks, so I've decided to take 75$, with 55$ profit, and I could do that more often since I didn't need to buy iPhones from other people. This way I've fixed around 5 iPhones, however working with people is really problematic, one complained about screen quality, so I had to argue.

In the meantime I started my second business.

Last iPhone I've fixed was in July 2020, if we count in-family repairs, then last one was in March 2021. Though I'd prefer to not to do it anymore.

I've fixed around 30-40 iPhones in total, mostly iPhone 6s and 7. One thing I regret is that I didn't note every iPhone buy/sell, so I can't count how much I made in total on this business.