Youth Exchange in England

3rd - 12th January 2023 Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Ashford, United Kingdom. Spent time there with over 60 people from other countries, including UK, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria and many others. The topic of the project was “Aware Thinker”, we learned about building communities, non violent communication, and many other things. It was a great experience, I’ve learned a lot about other cultures, and improved my English level. After the project, some of us decided to stay for 3 more days in London. Here are some notes I took about London as a place to live:


  • Technologically developed
  • Good public transport, metro works very well, although it feels old and every time I ride it I have pain in my ears.
  • Native english speakers, good place to improve English.
  • Mild winter, averaging between 5-10 degrees Celsius in January.


  • Not very safe, warning signs everywhere.
  • A lot of trash bags on streets

Ashford, England
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