Budget car trip in Malta

18 - 22nd December 2022 I’ve found cheap flights to Malta, and we decided to go with my brother. In order to save on the costs of living, we decided to sleep in the car for the whole trip. Here are some notes I took about Malta as a country to live:


  • Nice climate, I’d say the perfect one, because of the sea the temperature is the same almost every day.
  • Interesting architecture
  • Great amount of outdoors activities


  • Small, can feel limiting after some time, as you can drive around the whole country in around one hour.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Driving here is like driving in the Bangladesh, they constantly honk at you, they don’t go really within the rules, Google maps often show wrong ways against the signs, streets are very narrow and hard to drive. Roundabouts everywhere.
  • Lack of lakes or any form of sweet water.
  • They’re not that good in speaking English, they do if you ask them something in this language, otherwise between themselves they’re speaking in Maltese mixing in some English words.
  • People are not really nice, and they’re ethnically mixed a lot.
  • Very tourist oriented, I felt like i’m getting scammed on every corner.


  • Very Italian, stuff in shops were from Italy, the streets looked like that, it reminded me a bit of Arma 3, which by the way was in Greece.

Malta, Europe
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