Gregory Baranski

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In May of 2023, I thought - maybe I should finally move out of my city that I lived in for the past 18 years?

A quick walk around my apartment made me realize how much stuff I own, that I don’t really need.

As I didn’t have a car, neither lots of money - I couldn’t really allow myself to move out with a lot of things.

After implementing minimalism - In 2023 I moved 6 times, and went to a lot of places with just a backpack.


I started by getting rid of stuff that I won’t need:

  • 27” Monitor for my laptop, why do I need that if my laptop already provides me with a very high quality screen?
  • Vacuum cleaner.
  • Pouffe.
  • Rice cooker.
  • Documents and souvenirs were all scanned and moved to my parents.
  • Unused clothes were given out to charity.
  • And many more that there’s a low chance that I will need to have throughout my journey.

Having so few things allowed me to try packing myself into a backpack.

What backpack? Well, I thought I will for sure want to fly cheap airlines like Ryanair without having to pay extra for luggage - and that brought me to a 40L backpack that I still use on my every trip to this day.

Packing at first was not that easy, but having a strict limit on the size made me even further reduce my wardrobe, cosmetics and other accessories.

Replacements I implemented in my life:

Showering gelSoap bar 1
ShampooShampoo bar 1
ConditionerConditioner bar 1
Shaving GelSoap/conditioner
Face washSoap
Face creamCoconut oil
Face tonicNot needed anymore
Lip balmNot needed anymore 2
Heavy coatGood quality Merino underwear


I managed to implement a capsule wardrobe into my life. That’s how my current wardrobe looks like:

  • 3x white T-shirts
  • 1x white airy shirt
  • 1x navy blue light cotton pants
  • 1x beige light cotton pants
  • 1x beige shorts
  • 1x black sweatshirt
  • 1x gray pullover
  • 1x old The North Face 3-in-one jacket.
  • 5x underwear boxers
  • 1x jeans I stopped using jeans, because they’re very heavy and take a really long time to dry.

When it comes to accessories:

  • Wool crocheted olive hat made by my mom
  • Wool crocheted olive scarf made by my mom
  • Gloves

List of my things

Some time ago I collected all my stuff, weighted them and made a list available at Lighter Pack.


  • Cheaper trips: I don’t have to pay for RyanAir luggage, it’s a bit of a saving.
  • Less to maintain, less to care, less to spend: using soap for almost all of my skincare removes the need of buying stuff every once in a while.
  • Easier decisions: less clutter means less options to decide from - no more “should I wear X or Y?”.
  • Environmental impact: consuming less also makes me waste less, just imagine all the stuff you bought and rarely or never used.
  • Improved relationships: by caring less about things, you start caring more about people, and they’re the ones you attach to.

  1. Why use non-liquid equivalents? It was well explained at ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎

  2. Lip balm is an interesting thing, because I was on accutane for a total of 2 years, it made my skin very dry and irritated, so I had to use the lip balm. But the problem I noticed is that I still had to use the lip balm a long time after accutane - that turned out not to be really necessary, after I stopped using the artificial moisturizer on my lips my lips were in a really bad state for a few days, but then my skin came back to working properly and since then I have used lip balm maybe twice. ↩︎