Gregory Baranski

Just about me :

Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges

Ashford, United Kingdom - “Aware Thinker”

  • 35 people from Bulgaria, Czechia, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom.
  • Community building based on Community of Theory M. Scott Peck, Community Building processes, Talking circles.
  • Emotional development.
  • Conflict solving.
  • Leadership.

Düzce, Türkiye - “New Ways For The Immigrants To Accelerate In Labor Market”

  • 37 people from Czechia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Türkiye.
  • Learning about methods to empower immigrants in the labor market.
  • Broadening the perspective of immigrants, and of their daily problems in new environments.

Annen, Netherlands - “Serenity”

  • 31 people from Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Lithuania and Spain.
  • Exploring serenity, state of being calm and connecting with the nature.
  • Theatre and artistic forms of expression.
  • Reflection and mental health.

Busteni, Romania - “Let’s Vote for You and EU”

  • 42 people from Czechia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain and Romania.
  • Building awareness of European Citizenship.
  • World School Format debates about EU, e.g “Should EU be a single country?”
  • Content creation, specifically TikTok shorts.
  • Civic engagement.** **

Predeal, Romania - “InnoVenture: You(th) in Business”

  • 52 participants from Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, Türkiye, Romania.
  • Youth Entrepreneurship.
  • Business building simulation.
  • Teamwork.
  • Inspiration.


Over the year of 2023 I have participated in 5 youth exchanges, at first it was an act of the need of polishing my vocal English skills, but resulted in a lot of knowledge, experience and friendships. I encourage everyone to participate in such projects, it’s an amazing opportunity that the European Union gave to us Europeans. Just be aware of the PE+D - Post Erasmus+ Depression :D.