Grzegorz Baranski
17yo software developer and a high school student

About me

Hi, My name is Grzegorz, or Gregory if you prefer. I'm a 17 years old software developer and a high school student.

My experience is mostly with networking and system programming. Also, I'm familiar with low-level and frontend development since some projects involved microcontrollers (STM32 or ESP8266) and required me to build a user interface. I enjoy experimenting and trying new things.

I'm fluent with Rust, and familiar with Go and Typescript.

Before I get my hands dirty and jump to programming, I like to research and find the most suitable tools, frameworks, libraries, languages; and learn them if needed.

I'm currently attending a high school in Poland with a specialization in mechatronics. But, what fascinates me the most is software development, and therefore my future is in programming.

💡 Fun fact: Back when I was 13, I created an auto clicker for Minecraft using AutoHotkey. When the project was done, I made a 2-year break from programming.



A home automation platform, it's primarly written in Rust and Kotlin. For network communication WebSocket is being used.

Historically it used to be written in languages like Go and TypeScript, while also making use databases like MongoDB, which was eventually replaced with PostgreSQL and Redis. On the front-end side I made use of React and Flutter.

Over time I found those technologies inadequate for my problem.


Decentralized P2P messaging app. Allows real-time messaging without a server.

Made using Go programming language and LibP2P.


Cheat for, a website on which teachers can create quizzes and students can take them.

I made it possible to reveal correct answers to the question, so you can get 100% of a test without any effort.

Used to have few thousands unique visits on the GitHub repo back when schools were closed during the pandemic.


Program written in Rust that watches cryptocurrency prices, and makes triangular arbitrages if profitable. Unfortunately it's closed source.


I've made some libraries in order to support the rest of the community, and fulfill my use-case. There are some of them

And I've also contributed to some


For the significant part of my life, I've been pursuing a financial independance, and therefore I always seek for a new opportunities. I had few attemps which gave me experience and knowledge.