Grzegorz Baranski
18yo software developer and a high school student

Hi, My name is Grzegorz, or Gregory if you prefer. I'm 18 years old, and I live in Gdańsk, Poland.

I'm still a high school student, but since September 2022, I am being home schooled, this is because I'd like to spend my time productively, instead of wasting it on sleeping in class.

I do some freelance work for living, like mobile apps, websites and cryptocurrency bots.

But that's not really what I like, I dream about having a future where I can work on my own products, and make a living out of it. Money is not the most important thing, I'd like to do something that I love, and gives me freedom.

Since I was young I've been really passionate about computers, but some serious programming started at the age of 15, in December 2019, few months before pandemic started. It was the perfect time, in March 2020 schools closed, so I had a lot of free time. And because I was living in the countryside, I didn't have many activities, since all my friends used to live few kilometers away.

I worked a lot, on average between 12 and 14 hours, working on my own home automation system, just to optimize some process, which was going to bathroom, and activating a water heater. My brother Stanisław had a great influence on me, he was the one who supervised me, and helped me if I had some technical issues.

And because of the work intensity I've been through for that perioid of time. You shouldn't really compare someone experience by months of work, because when I was working for the whole day, constantly learning something new, some were coding legacy programs in ancient language, doing the same thing they did a week, month and even a year ago, learning basically nothing.

It lasted for nearly 2 years, after that I began gradually balancing my social life with my passion and work. I'm happy and I don't regret any minute, I have taken full advantage of the opportunity I've been given.

My own me doesn't allow me doing the same job all the time, because I can get bored easily, I tend to seek for a perfect solution to a given problem, trying various approaches.

That's why one of my projects Houseflow was rewritten 5 times, each time with a different architecture, or programming language, maybe it could be built with the first approach, but 1. It wouldn't perfect, 2. Because of 1, it wouldn't give me fun or knowledge.


For the significant part of my life, I've been pursuing a financial independance, and therefore I always seek for a new opportunities. I had few attemps which gave me experience and knowledge.



A home automation platform, it's primarly written in Rust and Kotlin. For network communication WebSocket is being used.

Historically it used to be written in languages like Go and TypeScript, while also making use databases like MongoDB, which was eventually replaced with PostgreSQL and Redis. On the front-end side I made use of React and Flutter.

Over time I found those technologies inadequate for my problem.

Where To Park

The ultimate parking lot assistant, backend is written is Rust, Web-app with Svelte, iOS app with Swift, and the Android app with Kotlin.

View more information at


Decentralized P2P messaging app. Allows real-time messaging without a server.

Made using Go programming language and LibP2P.


Cheat for, a website on which teachers can create quizzes and students can take them.

I made it possible to reveal correct answers to the question, so you can get 100% of a test without any effort.

Used to have few thousands unique visits on the GitHub repo back when schools were closed during the pandemic.


Program written in Rust that watches cryptocurrency prices, and makes triangular arbitrages if profitable. Unfortunately it's closed source.


I've made some libraries in order to support the rest of the community, and fulfill my use-case. There are some of them

And I've also contributed to some